Photo Gallery

Explore our gallery of photos that were taken around the time of May 21, 2011. The proclamation of "Judgment day May 21, 2011" was heard all around the world. It was publicized on billboards, caravans, seen in newspapers, on social media, it was heard on radio and seen on TV stations all around the world. Never before had such an outreach gone out into the whole world of this magnitude, let alone an outreach of truth. These photos serve as a reminder of how great that event was, and how God worked in a mighty way to allow this worldwide proclamation to take place.

Disclaimer: Many of the images below show a link to "Family Radio's" website. We are no longer affiliated with Family Radio in any way due to the fact that Family Radio was taken over by another president after the late Harold Camping died and they no longer follow the teachings that Harold Camping faithfully taught from the Bible. Therefore we do not endorse them, nor want to direct someone to their website.

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