Bible Questions?

The Following are ways to ask a question to E Bible Fellowship. If you would like to hear Pre-recorded Q & A's, please see the studies pages, and click Q &As.

Each Sunday afternoon at about 1:30 PM ET and Friday evenings at 9:30 PM ET, EBible Fellowship hosts a Questions and Answers session. During this time, anyone can ask questions relating to the Bible.


Here’s how you can join us:


If you’re calling on the phone, dial +1 701-801-9989 (new number as of 2-Decemeber-2016) During a live Q&A, to get in line to ask a question, press *6 and then 1.

The Skype gateway is no longer supported. If you have a paid Skype plan, follow the instructions above for calling on a phone.

If you’re on Paltalk, please enter the EBible Fellowship room (directions on how to do that here). Once there, please raise your hand, and when asked to, please post your question, and your question will be relayed by one of the admins there.

(PLEASE NOTE): during the fourth Sunday Q&A’s, you can only ask questions by Paltalk).

EBible Fellowship's Questions and Answers Group was created so anyone could ask a Bible question they may have.

Click the lmage above to ask a question anytime of the week and Chris McCann (Host & Bible teacher) will respond to it on either Sunday's or Wednesday's.

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GIVE US A CALL You can call: (701) 801-9989 on Friday at 9:30 pm until about 10:15 pm. Or, on Sunday about 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time). None of the calls are screened. Whoever calls gets in according to the order of the call.
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